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Public Support Section Section is available for new users of McnPro Box

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Old 2013-09-02, 10:26 AM   #1
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Default MCN light sucsess Killing 3 pcs my phone MSTAR CPU

my phone hang touch screen,
Read process sucsess....
but write flash get failed,error ID:1594 on 14%....
resutl phone is dead....

07:46:12 Welcome to use McnPro light Box
07:46:12 Baud setting ...
07:46:13 Set Baud done
07:46:13 SW V13.04
07:46:13 FW 3,12
07:46:13 SN MCNL020418xxxxxx
07:46:13 AC 6226-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
07:46:13 Box Connected!
07:49:29 Chip Scaning,Press and HOLD Power button now !
07:49:29 <<.............
07:50:01 User Abort
07:50:26 Pinout Applied
07:50:30 Phone detected, Wait...
07:50:40 User Abort
07:50:50 Pinout Applied
07:50:52 Phone detected, Wait...
07:51:01 User Abort
07:51:16 Mstar Pinout Scaning...
07:51:16 <<
07:51:18 CPU: Mstar MSW853X
07:51:18 pinouts: D+:3 D-:4 Gnd:1
07:51:18 Checking port...
07:51:18 <<........
07:51:27 port:I:
07:51:28 Pinout Applied
07:51:28 Phone detected, Wait...
07:51:30 Done.
07:51:30 Initialize boot7...
07:51:32 Boot Done.
07:51:32 Flash Type NOR
07:51:32 Flash ID 00C86018
07:51:32 Flash Model GIGA_GD25LQ128
07:51:32 Flash Size 0x1000000(16,0M)
07:51:32 Eraseing Flash...
07:53:06 Erase Done.
07:53:06 Writing,Wait...
07:53:28 Write Error. ID:1594

please correct this bug MCN team.....

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Old 2013-11-02, 12:22 AM   #2
Munthe Cell
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Mantab Kang.......... LaNjutkan....
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