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Conversation Between Mcnbox_support and Syaiful Munir
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  1. Mcnbox_support
    2012-11-30 10:33 PM
    Please do repair box, thanks
  2. Syaiful Munir
    2012-11-23 10:29 PM
    Syaiful Munir
    if up to date version Mcnpro_Box_Suite_version_2.1.3_installer out something like this:
    welcome to use mcnbox!
    selected com10
    baud setting ...
    set baud done
    initialized in progress ...
    cheking data ...
    serial No. MCN20100416xxxxx
    firmware V1.08
    Checksum F847-DFBE
    software V3.35
    box connected!
    ready working at com10
    upgrading box start
    upgrade detect function done
    starting 1error count: 11
    failed,please try again
    upgrade operation failed, please recheck
  3. Syaiful Munir
    2012-11-23 10:16 PM
    Syaiful Munir
    if you can not use the new version can only use ver.2.0.7 installer how to do so can use the boss is not in use 1 year
  4. Syaiful Munir
    2012-11-23 10:09 PM
    Syaiful Munir
    help my mcn boooooooooooooossssssssssssssssssssssss

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